How Cyber Criminals use Social Engineering

Cyber crooks use this dangerous weapon to get at the weakest link: us. They know that the easiest way to penetrate a system is to go after the user, not the computer. “Attacking the human element has always been a favorite,” says Jean-Phillip Taggart, Senior Security Researcher at Malwarebytes. “Why use some hard technical flaw to acquire a password when you can simply ask the user for it?”

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Apple Macs are overtaking PC’s in the Office

Apple Macs are overtaking PC’s in the Office according to a new report.

Support for Apple’s Mac hardware continues to climb. According to a recent report published by JAMF Software, a company that provides enterprise management solutions for Apple products, 96% of the 500 IT professionals surveyed in September 2015 say their teams support Mac. Additionally, 81% support iPad and 84% support iPhone.

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18 Ways for Increasing Your Sales Funnel Conversion Rate

Are you looking for a sales funnel template that you can use to increase your conversion rate? In this article, we will walk you through the different sales funnel stages along with sharing 18 ways for increasing your sales funnel conversion rate.

Before we dive into the tips to increase sales funnel conversion rate, it’s important that we are on the same page about what is a sales funnel and what you’re looking to optimize for in the different sales funnel stages.

What is a Sales Funnel?

By definition, a sales funnel is simply a tool for visualizing where your prospects are in the process of making a buying decision. A sales funnel is wide at the top because prospects with all level of engagement enter and eventually the most engaged ones are channeled to the bottom of the funnel to be turned into sales and repeat customers.

Sometimes, it’s easier to visualize the funnel stages by looking at an actual sales funnel chart.

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All Sky Fireball Network cameras pick up a fireball over Pennsylvania

All Sky Fireball Network cameras pick up a fireball over Pennsylvania

NASA has a lot of programs that don’t always capture the public’s attention the way, say, a rover on Mars does. But its All Sky Fireball Network, a collection of 15 cameras pointed at the sky, has grabbed a bit of attention today by catching one of its objects of interest as it lit up the skies over Pennsylvania.

NASA’s meteor watch group has used its Facebook page to provide some of the basic stats on the rock that generated this fireball: a bit over half a meter in diameter but about 250 kg, it was moving at a speed of over 70,000 km/hour as it entered the atmosphere moving west to east. It was tracked descending from 60 miles in altitude down to 13 miles.  Read More…

No time to Blog?

It is really a matter of choices. It comes down to this. We all have the same amount to time in any given day. If you want to blog more you have to stop making excuses.

Some of the best I hear are:…..

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FCC Chief Announces Big Win For Net Neutrality Advocates

WASHINGTON — Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler revealed a big win for net neutrality advocates on Wednesday, asking for strong authority to enforce open Internet protections.

In a Wired op-ed, Wheeler said he is proposing the FCC use its authority under Title II of the Communications Act to protect consumer broadband Internet. This move will allow the FCC to stop Internet service providers from charging content providers like Netflix more money for reliable Internet access.

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FCC Chief Announces Big Win For Net Neutrality Advocates.